Rights Fulfillment with 4Comply

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Rights Fulfillment Workflows with 4Comply

4Comply is a complete solution for adding privacy compliance to any application.  Using the 4Comply API, you can easily add consent and permission distribution, fulfill legal rights requests, and access a person’s activity history from the Legal Activity Vault.

This article examines the core of Rights Processing capabilities, referred to as data subject requests (DSAR) by GDPR, using Rights Request workflows

Introduction to Rights

A fundamental part of nearly all privacy compliance laws is the right granted to individuals to access and control how companies collect and use their personal information. 

Today, users are much savvier about their rights and know that they are in control.  And because they expect that authority, if you don’t acknowledge and ask for consent before using personal information, many potential buyers will immediately stop without completing a form or granting consent. 

Also, if they do not give consent, they are also potentially ending their interest in your products or services.  There are also substantial financial penalties for companies that violate these rights.  As a result, your privacy solution must support rights requests and provide evidence of completion. 

Current rights include:

  • A person’s right to see what personal information is stored and processed by a company
  • The right to view and correct any inaccurate or missing information
  • The right to be forgotten so that no personal information is stored or processed
  • The right to OPT-OUT of companies selling their data to other companies

Rights Fulfillment Workflows

4Comply comes pre-configured with all the necessary forms, emails, and automated workflows to manage rights requests.  Each rights flow is based on best practices and includes all the steps required to ensure completion.  From the 4Comply Dashboard, developers can enable or disable steps depending on their needs. 

A workflow can also accept data from an external system, or you can manually upload data into an existing flow.  Developers can also modify rights flows using the API if existing rights flows don’t meet your requirements.   

RTBF Flow Example

For more information on using Workflows, please refer to Rights Request Flows in the 4Comply Developer Documentation.