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4Comply helps IT leaders implement privacy corporate-wide, improve the customer experience, and capture better data from engaged customers, all on time and within budget.

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Privacy Law Challenges and Opportunities

  • Privacy is critical to building trust with customers.
  • Trust is the foundation of great customer strategies.
  • Customers that trust, give consent, provide more data, and buy.
  • Maximize marketing and abide by multiple compliance laws
  • Bridges the gap between law and technology.

Flexible Privacy Compliance Solution

  • Centralize consent and permission distribution.
  • Fulfill Rights Request required by law.
  • Specialized reporting for Legal and Data Privacy Officers.
  • Integrate with Marketing Automation, CRM or other systems

Continually Changing Privacy Laws

  • Support new regulations without changing code.
  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
4Comply offers a flexible solution for adding privacy compliance to any system quickly. It centralizes consent, permissions, and rights requests in an activity history vault. Using our API, you can add compliance without building an in-house privacy compliance framework from scratch.

Save time and money by not purchasing an expensive solution not focused on privacy compliance or has features you don't need. Easily configure compliance regulations to meet your business and legal requirements.

Our Privacy Specialists speak GDPR, CCPA, and CASL; Javascript, .Net, and HTML.

Keep up with the continually changing landscape of privacy compliance laws. No need to modify code for new legislation, enable new rules in the 4Comply dashboard and configure them to meet your needs. 4Comply supports both current laws and those proposed but not yet enacted.

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