Why 4Comply for Consent & Rights Fulfillment

Why 4Comply for Consent & Rights Fulfillment

privacy software, 4comply for consent rights fulfillment
privacy software, 4comply for consent rights fulfillment

At 4Thought Marketing, when we think about privacy compliance, we have two primary concerns. The first is ensuring that customers’ rights to proper data handling are always respected. The second is empowering companies to handle customer data in a legal manner without hindering their marketing efforts. Our privacy compliance software, 4Comply, was born out of these two concerns. We carefully designed this privacy software to help companies strike the proper balance between enthusiastic marketing and overly cautious data handling.

The 3 Pillars of 4Comply

Everyone has their own idea of the proper way to handle customer data privacy, in large part because everyone has different plans for using the data. Marketers are focused on lead generation, and so want to collect as much data as possible, keep it as long as possible, and squeeze every last drop of marketing potential out of it. They see customer data as a resource to harvest.

On the other hand, a company’s legal department is focused on keeping unhappy customers from suing. They work hard not only to be ready for any legal threats, but to lower the risks on their end as much as possible. Strict privacy laws like the GDPR inflict serious penalties for mishandling data, so from an attorney’s perspective, it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with customer information. If your legal department had their way, your company would collect as little data as possible, get rid of it the moment it’s no longer needed, and use it as cautiously as possible to avoid upsetting anyone.

Of course, both perspectives are flawed. Overly enthusiastic marketing can drive away customers. On the other hand, overly cautious marketing means attracting fewer customers in the first place. The proper balance falls somewhere between these two extremes. Our privacy software, 4Comply, is designed not only to help your company find the proper balance for your needs, but to keep careful track of your decisions and apply them to company-wide marketing choices. The three pillars of 4Comply are:

Citizen Rights Fulfillment

Many privacy laws (most famously the GDPR) allow customers to request access to data a company holds on them. These requests are known as data subject access requests, or DSARs. Customers may ask simply to view their data, update any wrong or outdated information, transfer their information to a different company, or for their data to be purged entirely.

Refusing DSARs or failing to answer them in the required time frame can cost a company a small fortune in fines. 4Comply makes the process easier by storing all these requests centrally and displaying them in a single dashboard. A secondary dashboard provides a streamlined view of each process with a “you are here” indicator.

Consent and Permission Distribution

In marketing, consent refers to a customer explicitly stating that a company can communicate with them. For marketers, consent is a much stronger signal of interest and opens the door for a variety of marketing activities.

Permission is a 4Comply-specific term configured by the algorithm. When a user submits information to your company through what we refer to as a “consent input”, 4Comply analyzes the information provided. Our software algorithm considers relevant privacy laws, the user’s consent or lack thereof, and your company’s own privacy policy. The result of this calculation is permission—the practical extent to which you are allowed to contact the user for marketing purposes.

Legal Activities Vault

With laws like the GDPR ready to penalize any company that mishandles information, business leaders need a reliable way to keep a detailed record of legal activities that can’t get lost in the filing cabinet. Fortunately, 4Comply users are ready for an examination of their privacy-related legal activities.

The legal activities vault automatically records a detailed log of every legal action regarding consent activities, permissions activities, rights fulfillment, any (very rare) DSAR refusals, and forgotten customers. Both your company’s actions and the customer’s actions are recorded. No one can edit the stored information, not even 4Comply itself, so you can be confident that your records will never change. A detailed, unchangeable privacy software record is truly a lifesaver.

A Reliable Privacy Software

4Comply is a revolutionary privacy software designed not only to make your marketing experts’ job easier, but also to give your legal department peace of mind regarding how you handle customer data. It gives legal and marketing teams precise control over how laws and privacy policies are applied to customer actions. Companies in an increasingly privacy-conscious world need this balance desperately. Why wait? Give your company the boost it needs today! Contact us to get started with 4Comply.