Maximize Marketing while Ensuring Privacy

New privacy laws are causing anxiety for legal and marketing teams who want to continue effective marketing while complying with the law. You need a solution that eliminates the conflict between legal and marketing. The 4Comply SaaS solution opens up your marketing to everything allowed by the law and your privacy policy.

Citizen Rights Fulfillment

Responding to Data Subject Requests (DSAR) can be expensive and time-consuming, but failing to complete them in a timely fashion can result in severe financial penalties. 4Comply centralizes and helps automate the process, keeps detailed records of activities, distributes requests to the appropriate teams or applications for manual or automated fulfillment. All with minimal impact on your employees.

Centralized Request Tracking, Automation, and Fulfillment
  • Take the pressure off your team and automate key DSAR steps
  • All actions taken by digital citizens, employees and systems are tracked providing proof of legal compliance
  • Fulfill user requests thoroughly, on time, and under budget
    Flexible Implementation Options
    • Get up and running quickly using pre-built request forms, workflows, and tracking
    • Supports Humans-in-the-loop for manual request processing
    • Automatically distributes tasks and collects results from multiple systems
    • Add integration and automation to streamline the process and reduce costs
    Reduce Costs with Self Service Options
    • Digital citizens can initiate requests online 24x7x365
    • Keep citizens informed via email updates
    • Access, view, and update inaccurate information via our secure online viewer and editor
    • Download data portability information online after processing completes
    Supports All Rights Request
    • Right to Access
    • Right to Update
    • Right to be Forgotten
    • Right to Portability
    • Do Not Sell My Information


    View current Rights and Consent activities around the globe

    Consent Dashboard

    The consent dashboard offers a quick view of consent records.

    Rights Dashboard

    View key Rights metrics including Access, Update, Portability and Right to be Forgotten requests.

    Developer API

    Build a compliance solution matching your requirements

    Feature and Function Flexible

    4Comply offers developers the flexibility to implement and use the features you need.

    • Use our forms or build your own.
    • Configure 4Comply to send email notifications, or integrate with existing systems
    • Let our workflow automation run automatically, or use Webhooks to trigger actions in your own systems and code. Use your existing systems where desired.
    • Flexibly pass control back and forth between the two using your code.

    Form and Email Library

    4Comply comes with a complete sent of email templates and forms to collect consent and fulfill rights request.

    Get started quickly by using our form and email templates, or modify them to meet your needs using our WYSIWYG editor.

    Create your own forms and emails without writing code using our form and email builder.

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    • 4comply, permissions expiration, 4comply permissions
    • 4comply, permissions expiration, 4comply permissions

    Visual Analysis

    Visualize your consent and permission data in real-time. Review your privacy data to contrast metrics and understand your compliance situation. Visual analysis makes it easy to see and act on critical insights as well as iterate and contrast results in real-time.

    Consent and Permissions
    • Send campaigns based on compliance insights.
    • Visualize the number of contacts with or without consent
    • See your level of compliance by Region, Country and Regulation
    • Learn how your permissions are obtained, via consent, legitimate interest, etc.
    Rights Management
    • Review where rights requests originate and improve customer experience.
    • Scan a summary of all rights requests sorted by type and status.