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consent management
consent management

Many online forms include a little box you can check. Checking this box tells the company in question that you give them consent to contact you for promotional purposes. Choosing not to check this box will not give the company consent, but depending on their privacy policy, you may still be giving them limited permission to contact you. Here’s how 4Comply handles consent management and permission.

Consent Management

consent management

In marketing, consent refers to a customer explicitly stating that a company can communicate with them. In other words, granting consent automatically includes permission.  For marketers, consent is a much stronger signal of interest and opens the door for a variety of marketing activities.

4Comply’s consent entries dashboard keeps track of every user who has given explicit consent to be contacted, along with relevant details such as:

  • How consent was collected and communicated
  • Where consent was collected
  • Geographic location of the customer
  • Which privacy laws apply (if any)
  • Which version of your company’s privacy policy applies
consent management


Permission is a 4Comply-specific term configured by the algorithm. When a user submits information to your company through what we refer to as a “consent input”, 4Comply analyzes the information provided. Our software algorithm considers relevant privacy laws, the user’s consent or lack thereof, and your company’s own privacy policy. The result of this calculation is permission—the practical extent to which you are allowed to contact the user for marketing purposes.

consent management

4Comply’s permissions section keeps track of all your calculated permissions. It also “shows its work” in the sense that you can see the steps taken to calculate permission. Not only does this make things clearer for you, but it also allows you to justify contacting users who have not given explicit consent.

Keep Your Records Straight

Accidentally mixing up consent and permission can lead to customers complaining about receiving communications that they never wanted. On the other hand, it can also lead to potential missed leads as you send promotional materials to customers who were never truly interested. By taking care to separate the two categories, 4Comply ensures that your marketing strategy is foolproof. Want to learn more about consent management? Get in touch with us today for a demo.

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