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July 22, 2021

The DSAR Process: 5 Steps to Rights Fulfillment

When a customer wants access to the personal data your company has collected on them, they have the right to submit a DSAR, or data subject […]
July 15, 2021

An Overview of DSARs

Privacy laws were designed to balance companies’ needs for marketing information with the customers’ rights to privacy. Exercising this right can take a variety of forms. […]
July 1, 2021

Basic GDPR Data Breach Response Guidelines

No business owner likes to think about the possibility of their data security system being compromised. Unfortunately, as companies from CVS to McDonald’s have discovered, it […]
June 17, 2021

Privacy Washing & the Harm It Causes

Deceptive marketing practices, while illegal, are unfortunately still common. False advertising can lead to plenty of problems for both the perpetrating company and anyone that falls […]
June 10, 2021

Delaying Privacy Compliance Implementation May Cost Amazon $425 Million

Amazon may be forced to pay a significant fine for alleged violations of GDPR principles. Citing allegedly improper collection and use of customers’ personal data, CNPD […]
June 3, 2021

What You Should Know About the EU’s Cloud Code of Conduct

The GDPR has a new friend—the Cloud Code of Conduct, or Cloud CoC. While this set of regulations has been in the works for a while […]