Delaying Privacy Compliance Implementation May Cost Amazon $425 Million

Delaying Privacy Compliance Implementation May Cost Amazon $425 Million

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Amazon may be forced to pay a significant fine for alleged violations of GDPR principles. Citing allegedly improper collection and use of customers’ personal data, CNPD Luxembourg (National Commission for Data Protection) proposed the penalty.

As other EU privacy authorities deliberate, Amazon’s fine may rise even further. Under the GDPR, a company found in severe violation can be fined up to 4% of its annual global revenue. The currently proposed $425 million amounts to just above 0.1% of Amazon’s earnings in 2020. If EU authorities decide on the maximum 4% fine, this violation could cost Amazon $1.54 billion. However, even the lower proposed fine of $425 million will be the largest fine levied under the GDPR to date and could set a precedent.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s spokespeople have remained largely silent on this issue.

Privacy compliance is no joke, and EU authorities are willing and able to levy significant fines against companies who misuse customer data. Contact us today to keep your privacy strategy on track with 4Comply and avoid Amazon’s fine.