The 4Comply Method of Citizen Rights Fulfillment

The 4Comply Method of Citizen Rights Fulfillment

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Customers want to be informed on what data you’ve collected on them, how you use it, how long you keep it, and whether you share it with anyone else. Most companies include a publicly available privacy policy to answer these questions. But for some customers, a page of fine print, even if very easy to understand, does not go far enough. They want to see the data you’ve collected themselves. And when they exercise their legal right to make this request, 4Comply has a system to help you get it done.

Citizen Rights Fulfillment

Many privacy laws (most famously the GDPR) allow customers to request access to the personal data a company holds on them. These requests are known as data subject access requests, or DSARs. Customers may ask simply to view their data, update any wrong or outdated information, transfer their information to a different company, or for their data to be purged entirely. These requests are known as:

  • The right to access
  • The right to update
  • The right to portability
  • The right to be forgotten

With a few rare exceptions, companies are always required to comply with DSARs. 4Comply makes the process easier for companies to manage by storing all these requests centrally and displaying them in a single dashboard. At a glance, you can tell how many customers submitted DSARs and what specifically they asked for. Our privacy software also allows you to configure a DSAR processing method based on which privacy laws apply.

Rights fulfillment overview

Rights Flows

Because of the staggering amount of customer data most companies retain, fulfilling a DSAR may be a long and complicated process. But every privacy law that allows DSARs also requires that your company fulfill the request in a timely manner and ensure that the customer is satisfied with what you provide. Needless to say, this presents a challenge.

4comply rights fulfillment rights flow

Fortunately, 4Comply delivers once again. This section provides a streamlined, interactive view of the DSAR process that highlights each required step in each request. Even a fully automated DSAR process is tracked here. Additionally, you can assign data gathering tasks to human privacy administrators when a technical integration isn’t available.

Satisfying the Law & Your Customers

Your customers deserve easy access to their personal data. And for companies that use 4Comply for rights fulfillment, honoring this right is a walk in the park. If you’re ready to take your DSAR management system to the next level, get in touch with us to learn more about using 4Comply for rights fulfillment.