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October 12, 2022

Social Media Privacy, Scandals, & Why Platforms Don’t Care

Conversations about online privacy have existed as long as the internet itself. As the internet’s capabilities expanded and technology became more pervasive (and invasive), these conversations […]
October 4, 2022

UK Lawmakers Rethinking GDPR Replacement Law

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom retained the GDPR as its governing data privacy law. But many British lawmakers saw this as a short-term necessity while the […]
September 30, 2022

ICO Reprimands Organizations for Data Access Request Failures

We’ve talked extensively about DSARs on our blog before. For a quick refresher: DSAR stands for data subject access request, and refers to the right of […]
September 16, 2022

Irish DPC Fines Instagram €405 Million Over Children’s Data Privacy Concerns

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), Ireland’s privacy enforcement authority, announced yesterday that they were fining Instagram €405 million (approximately $396.2 million) following alleged mishandling of children’s […]
September 15, 2022

4Comply: The Privacy Compliance Tool for Marketers

Generally speaking, marketing and legal have differing  priorities when data privacy is involved. The legal department wants to play it as safe as possible to leave no […]
September 8, 2022

Why Privacy Matters for Your Business

Business owners have multiple priorities: keeping profits high, providing high-quality products and/or services, retaining employees, and many more. Prioritizing customer privacy can all too easily fall […]