A Quick Look at Jordan’s Data Protection Law

A Quick Look at Jordan’s Data Protection Law

jordan privacy law jordan data protection law
jordan privacy law jordan data protection law

In August 2023, a significant milestone was achieved in Jordan as the Lower House approved the 2022 draft law on digital personal data protection. Following an extensive debate led by Speaker Ahmad Safadi and attended by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh and cabinet ministers, this landmark decision marked a critical step in Jordan’s approach to regulating the ever-evolving digital landscape. The new law, officially titled the Data Protection Law, is now binding following its publication in the Official Gazette on September 17, 2023. The law will take full effect six months after its publication date.

In this article, we delve into the key aspects of this legislation and its implications for the people of Jordan.

Balancing Rights & Digital Innovation

At its core, Jordan’s Data Protection Law seeks to establish a framework that strikes a delicate balance between individual rights and the efficient usage of data. The law’s objectives include supporting the digital economy, promoting e-commerce and services, and reinforcing cyber safety.

One of the noteworthy aspects of this law is the explicit delineation of responsibilities for those overseeing personal data, data processors, and data recipients. Moreover, it lays out potentially significant penalties for violating its provisions. The law also applies retroactively, with certain exceptions for people processing their data for personal purposes.

Jordan Privacy Law: Enforcement

To ensure effective enforcement of the law and oversight of data protection matters, the legislation mandates the creation of a Personal Data Protection Council. This council will play a pivotal role in setting the security measures and protocols required to safeguard entrusted data. Furthermore, it will monitor and regulate data processing activities to ensure compliance with the law’s provisions.

Within the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, regulatory units will be established to oversee data protection matters. These units will work in tandem with the Personal Data Protection Council to enforce the law effectively and create a robust data privacy and security ecosystem.

Transparency & Informed Consent

To empower consumers with control over their data, the Data Protection Law requires administrators to inform concerned individuals about the specifics of data processing. This includes details such as the purpose, timeframe, and processors involved. Such transparency is crucial in building trust between data handlers and data subjects.

What Jordan’s Data Protection Law Means for Your Company

Jordan’s new data protection law showcases a new approach the Jordanian government is taking to enforce privacy rights. Even before the law goes into effect, it’s time to evaluate your own organization’s privacy strategy. Are you ready for this new set of requirements and responsibilities?

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